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Welcome to the Baltivist community!

Just by joining, you are showing that you care about the future of the Baltic countries. By participating, you will be making a difference.

How? Together. And through a concept called community-based advocacy. 

Community-based advocacy is the idea that a community can band together to effectively influence government. It is the concept that instead of allowing a few connected individuals to influence government, a community of activists can band together to influence the government. And it uses the same tools that most lobbyists use – information and access.


First, let’s get the basics down, so take some time to visit the Issues & Bills Page. Think you already know the issues? Take the quiz at the top of that page to test your knowledge.

Next, stay up to date on the latest issues by visiting the Baltic Intelligence Feed. Here, information is gathered from a number of experts so we can always stay updated on the latest news. If you find some intelligence on the latest news that feels relevant, please share so that we can all stay updated.

For the more advanced users, there is also a unique resource available on, a Power Map. This shows the playing field that not only shows the “who’s who” of Congress, but also where your members of Congress fit in to the power map.


The staff at have access to a number of resources to get you in a meeting with either the staff of your member of Congress or with your actual member of Congress. (Insider secret – it’s actually not difficult if you’d like us to teach you!)

But if you’d like to set up a meeting with a relevant staff member, either wait for the next Baltic Advocacy Day or contact one of us to set up a meeting. (feel free to reach to our founder at

By signing up for Baltivist, we hope you don’t mind that we may be reaching out to you at some point to set up a meeting for you. Occasionally, there’s a really important meeting we want to set up and it might end up being for your member of Congress. It’s incredibly powerful to include Baltivists in these meetings, so we hope you can join us if we reach out to you!


So, welcome to! Have fun exploring, and make sure that when you learn anything from your Baltic activism, please share with the community!

Receive points forPoints earnedHow often you can earn these points
Joining Baltivist.com10Once
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Creating cover photo10Once
Updating profile information10Once
Commenting on a blog post1Forever
Publishing a new blog post25Forever
Sending a friendship request1Forever
Accepting a friendship request3Forever
Getting a friendship request accepted2Forever
Writing a public message on a group or publicly1Forever
Replying to a public message1Forever
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Receiving a favorite on an activity stream item2Forever
Creating a group15Forever
Joining a group1Forever
Get promoted to group moderator/administrator10Forever
Promoting another group member to moderator/administrator5Forever
Visiting the main issues page1Once per week
Reading any issues page3Once per month
Adding an issue25Forever
Reviewing the bill tracker3Once per week
Reviewing an active bill3Once per month
Reviewing an inactive bill3Once
Reviewing the Member of Congress Tracker3Once per week
Checking on a Representative3Once per month per Representative
Checking on a Senator3Once per month per Senator

This page is for Baltivist members only. To view this page and the rest of, sign up below for *only* $25 a year. 

Baltivists (Baltic activists) are Lithuanian-Americans, Latvian-Americans, Estonian-Americans, and friends who want to ensure the continued freedom of the Baltic countries. We are bipartisan and understand that our strong relationship with members of BOTH major political parties is key to continued independence. In the spirit of being one community, users who knowingly share false information or are disrespectful to other users on will be removed.

Please join our community and help us keep the Baltics free!

We understand that during these uncertain times of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important to connect with others while still social distancing. To help, is free until July 1st with the following code:


For around $2 a month: ($25 a year)

Connect with other Baltivists WITHOUT selling your data (unlike other social media)
Create meaningful change
Advocate Congress with the expertise of DC advocacy professionals
Track members of Congress
See & share relevant Baltic activity for your Senators and Representative
Issue fact sheets
See what issues are currently affecting the Baltic countries in Congress
Advocacy Tips & Tricks
Read about how you can create change more effectively, and share your experiences with a dedicated community
Bill Tracker
Track bills in Congress related to Baltic issues with summaries, bill actions, and inside intelligence
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