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We believe in the secured continued peace and freedom of our beloved nations of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

As a community, it’s imperative we follow issues that may be threats to peace, build and maintain strong relationships in Congress, and act when we need to. is one of the legs to a sound Baltic-activist (Baltivist) infrastructure. is an online infrastructure designed to host community-based advocacy, which is a strategy to influence policy-makers. Community-based advocacy expands upon traditional advocacy, which has been about making phone calls and writing emails to lawmakers. In addition to traditional advocacy, community-based advocacy enables activists to share intelligence, meet with legislators & staff, and watch their activism make a tangible difference.

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#1. What military alliance are Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania a part of?

In 2004, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania joined NATO. NATO has an article that states that provides that an attack against one member nation is an attack against all. The only time a NATO country has been attacked and called for other nations to support was the US after September 11th, 2001.

All three Baltic nations, despite only joining after September 11th, responded by sending troops to fight the War on Terror.


#2. All NATO countries are asked to spend 2% of GDP on military spending. Which of the following countries meet this? (Mark all that apply)

Select all that apply:

All three Baltic nations meet the NATO 2% threshold. All NATO nations are asked to spend 2% of their GDP’s on the military by 2024. The countries that currently spend 2% are:

Greece, UK, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Poland, Bulgaria, USA.


#3. What is the name of the group that is actively fighting online disinformation spread by Russian government "trolls"

Lithuanian Nykstukai, translated as “Elves”, coordinate with NATO to combat Russian disinformation – otherwise known as fake news.


#4. What is the name of the pipeline Russia is trying to build that would increase their control of energy over Europe?

Nord Stream 2 is a trap. It would reduce energy costs in Europe, but would increase the power of Russia, which gains a lot of political power from energy. We are strongly opposed to the construction of this pipeline.

The Baltic community and other allies have successfully advocated for 2 bills to sanction companies that would construct the pipeline, despite multimillion dollar lobbying efforts by Russian gas giants.


#5. Who chairs the Senate Baltic Freedom Caucus? (Mark all that apply)

Select all that apply:

Both Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) and Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) co-chair the Senate Baltic Freedom Caucus. They’ve both done an incredible job to rally other Senators behind the Baltic cause when we need help.

Senator Dick Durbin is Lithuanian-American himself!


#6. Who chairs the House Baltic Caucus? (Mark all that apply)

Select all that apply:

The House Baltic Caucus has over 70 members. It was originally founded by Representative John Shimkus  (R-IL) an American of Lithuanian descent who was convinced by a member of the Baltic American Freedom League to start the Caucus.

The House Baltic Caucus has been instrumental to get Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania to join NATO, among many other successes.

Both Representative Gallego of Arizona and Representative Don Bacon of Nebraska joined as co-chairs in 2021. Fun fact about Rep. Don Bacon, he represents Omaha, Nebraska, which is the home to some of the best Napoleonas cake made by the Lithuanian Bakery.


#7. What is the name of the Central/East European infrastructure development program backed by Congress?

The Three Seas Initiative is named for the region that borders the Baltic, Black, and Adriatic Seas. The goal of the 3 Seas Initiative is to spur infrastructure development. The Baltic community and its allies has been advocating successfully to get the United States to help invest over $1 billion to the Three Seas Initiative.


#8. Which hero with Baltic roots has a statue in front of the White House?

Tadeusz Kosziuszko fought in the American Revolutionary War for his belief in the ideals of a new United States of America that believes in equality. In fact, his friend Thomas Jefferson wrote “He is as pure a son of liberty as I have ever known.”

In Kosziuszko’s will, he requested that his estate be sold to buy the freedom and education of black slaves, including the slaves of Jefferson, so they could have independent lives and work. The will, unfortunately, was never executed.


Priority Bills

Senate BillHouse BillSummaryMore information
S.14NACombating Global Corruption Act to Make Anti-Corruption a National Security PriorityPress release
S.93NAGlobal Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Reauthorization ActPress release
S.158H.R.402Counter Corruption and Promote Good GovernancePress release
S.208NAWould impose sanctions on current or former officials of Russia's government that were involved in the poisoning of Alexei Navalny.
S.Res.26NAResolution expressing that the activities of Russian national Yevheniy Prigozhin and his affiliated entites pose a threat to national interests and US partners.
NAH.R.922Would enact the Crimea Annexation Non-Recognition Act. Would prohibit any federal agency from recognizing or implying any recognition of Russia's sovereignty over Crimea.
Would enact the Transatlantic Telecommunications Security Act to combat malign influencePress Release
This is a resolution commending Lithuania for refusing to ratify the E.U.'s Political Dialogue and Cooperation Agreement with CubaLithuania was the only E.U. country to refuse to ratify the agreement with Cuba. Rep. Malliotakis's mother is a Cuban exile of the Castro dictatorship.


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