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Baltivist Bells Fall 2019

Thank you for reading the first Baltivist Bells post! Baltivist Bells will be about two things:  Easy, yet effective political actions Timely and digestable updates

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In 1889, when Lithuanian press had been banned in Lithuania, Varpas was published by patriots who lived outside Lithuania. The published paper would be smuggled into Lithuania.

The name “Varpas” means bell, which implies that the paper was a call for Lithuanians – giving significance to the paper’s importance in producing a national identity for Lithuanians.

The paper would become the first to publish Tautiška Giesmė, which would become the Lithuanian national anthem.

Tegul tavo vaikai eina
May Your Children Walk
Vien takais dorybės         
Only In the path of righteousness
Tegul dirba Tavo naudai
May they strive for your betterment
Ir žmonių gėrybei
and for the good of humanity

Baltivist Bells is named as an homage to the influential periodical. Here’s to our community working together for the betterment of our motherlands and for all people.